Jackpot Gagnant Slots

Players are drawn to this game who are French speakers and those that are curious as to the meaning of the game. Gagnant means winner in French and therefore anyone playing this game can win and this is definitely a possibility thanks to the three reels and five paylines offered. Players can try out this game in fun mode before placing real money bets of up to $100 per spin using different coin sizes and amounts. This game looks quite simple to play and it is for many players a delightful slots that offers some huge rewards.

The Lady Lucky Symbol

The symbols in the game include many classic slots symbols such as cherries, grapes, bells, lemons and stars. There is also a lady, she is the most important symbol in this game awarding the players the best payouts. Three of these ladies on the screen rewards the player with 10000 coins when a three coin bet has been made, a four coin bet rewards the player with 1600 coins when five of the ladies appear, followed by 1200 coins, 500 coins and 400 coins. The payouts are very generous in this classic slots game in addition to the lady who also acts as a mystery bonus when only one or two appear on the screen giving teh player a mystery bonus payout. Enjoying the Jackpot Gagnant slots is easy thanks to the many different winning opportunities presented in the game.