Legend of the Nile Slots

If the mysteries of ancient Egypt has always gotten your attention and you love your slots with a great theme, Legends of the Nile slots might be the exciting slot game you’ve been looking for. This slot is one of the latest releases from BetSoft Gaming and is set up in a very traditional and classic format. Although quite classic in design, the game’s free spins options and progressive jackpot are sure to bring some excitement to the reels.

Symbols & Reel Setup: Legend of the Nile Slots

The setup of the Legend of the Nile online slot game is a 6x6 reel layout. It features cluster payouts and exploding wins. In addition, the game’s symbols fall perfectly into the Egyptian theme of the slot, with symbols including Isis, Queen of Heaven, Ra of the Sun, and Anubis of the Underworld. When players land a win that relates to a specific god, that god’s trail progresses. As players progress down each corresponding trail of the Gods, they will encounter opportunities to win free spins, enormous multipliers and a progressive jackpot.

Free Spins From the Gods: Legend of the Nile Slots

Two of the most coveted symbols in this online slot game are Anubis and Isis. When a player wins with these symbols filling their own trails the Free Spins Stake amount increases. When the free spins feature is activated, the stake that matches the amount that was collected before it was triggered will be used during each free spin. With the Anubis and Isis trails, the levels retain their amount throughout the entire gaming session, which makes them quite unique.

Ra Symbols Triggers Multipliers & Progressive Jackpot

When players gain wins that include Ra symbols, the Trail of Ra will begin to fill up. When the trail itself is filled beyond the base limit, free spins, multipliers of up to 400x wagered and the progressive jackpot can all be triggered. Sadly, the meter will return to zero after each spin, so this can be quite the exciting challenge.

Overall, Legend of the Nile slots comes with a nice theme and additional thrills, even though it’s design is classic and simple. It’s ideal for beginners and experienced players, with various sizes of bankrolls. Those who love Egyptian themes will automatically find it enchanting and thrilling, as you are playing with the trails of the gods.