Lucky 7 Slots

While many slot games available today are as complicated as possible with dozens of different special features and massive progressive jackpot payouts. You don't need all of those things to have a fun and exciting slot game. In fact, you can thoroughly enjoy your online gambling experience with a significantly simpler slot game, and we experienced that while testing out Lucky 7. This classic slot game isn't packed with features, but it still manages to be appealing and enjoyable to play around with.

Minimal Wagering Limits

Lucky 7's isn't a slot game designed for high rollers. Instead, it's a game that's built for small stake players. There is just a single payline, and you can wager between one and three coins on that central line. Aside from choosing how many coins you want to risk, you can also choose the value of each of those coins. Set the value at a low of $0.05 per coin or as high as $1.00 per coin and you can adjust your wager amount to the level that you are comfortable with. You can wager as little as $0.05 and as much as $3.00 per spin depending on the settings that you use.

Decent Prize Potential

It's possible to win some impressive prize payouts from Lucky 7's if you can get the enough of the 7 symbols on the payling. Get three of them and you'll win the jackpot payout of between 1,000 coins and 5,000 coins depending on how many coins you are wagering per spin.

No Special Features

Lucky 7's doesn't have any special features at all, and that's something that we enjoyed about this slot game. We could sit down, spin the reels and just try to get the basic winning combinations shown on the paytable up above. There's something relaxing about playing a basic slot like Lucky 7's. The sound and look of the game is all something you would expect to find on a classic slot game.

Multiple Views

One feature that we thought was cool about Lucky 7's was the different view options. When you play this slot you have two different views that you can pick and choose from. You can go with a zoomed out view that shows you the entire slot machine, or you can go with a zoomed in view that just shows you the reels themselves. We preferred the more zoomed out view for a more authentic feel, but both options looked good and it was nice being able to switch views to change the feel of the slot game.

Easy to Win Cherries

Though the 7's are the symbols to watch, you'll find yourself relying on the cherry symbols more than anything else. That's because you only need to get one of these symbols in order to walk away with a profit. One cherry will pay back double the amount that you wagered with your spin. That means if you bet $3.00 on your spin, you would win $6.00 by getting just a single cherry. If you manage to get two or three cherries things get even more interesting. Two cherries are worth an impressive 10 coins per coin wagered, and three cherries will pay out 150 coins per coin wagered for some very nice prize payouts.

If you're interested in playing slot games with tons of feature sand massive prize payouts, you probably won't enjoy your experience with this slot game. If you are interested in playing a simpler slot game that's relaxing and gives you basic goals to shoot for, you might really like what this slot game has to offer you. Give it a try and see whether it appeals to you or not. We really enjoyed the game during our test period.