Fruit Bat Crazy Slots

What’s it About?

Up with a title as ambitious as this one, you would assume that is it about something like vampires, creatures, and related things. This game took a completely different approach, however, being completely unexpected, and impressing us for that reason. This game completely did away with most notions of the theme, instead focusing on the diet of bats themselves, in a way that is both delicious to look at and fun to play.

You will find nothing but the best and brightest graphics year, adorning a game that seemingly has nothing to do with bats themselves, aside from them presumably appreciating it as well. All of the colors are vibrant, saturated, and cheerful, and it all looks far happier than you would expect given that the game tells you that it is about bats which are also crazy.

The crazy part here comes into play when it comes to the payouts! You can expect to find that the game pays you at a rate far higher than it would seem otherwise likely, every player that rates at seemingly getting a lucky streak, and all of us generally being enthralled with the game for that reason. It is not a game that takes its players lightly, seemingly being on our side when we spin it, which is exactly where we would love a game to be!

Whether you are new to the genre, or are looking for yet another wonderful game to add to your rotation, this is a title that can’t be beat, and proves to be yet another wonderful addition to the Betsoft library!

Expertly Designed by a Wonderful Developer

Betsoft Games are known for many things. Among these are being very accessible, having wonderful demos that you can play, being expertly designs, having a progressive jackpot, and things of that nature. Although this game doesn’t have that progressive jackpot, everything else you have come to love from Betsoft is here to entertain you. You will see if the usual number of reel’s, being five, but the number of pay lines here goes all the way up to 243. This is amazing, and makes for a game that will have you rich and no short amount of time!

It also has a wonderful fruit bat crazy spins feature, which will award you with free spins that also bring along with them some welcome multipliers and winnings.

High Flying, Fruit Sucking Game Mechanics

Nothing here is all that out of the ordinary, but the pacing of how well it plays certainly is! It is fast-paced, goes by quickly, and gets you into the flow of things very well. There is a certain sort of vibe to it that will keep you glued to your seat, and that’s not just out of fear of a path coming down to suck your fruit!

Pays Out Splendidly!

When we had our go of things with this game, we ended up walking away with a hefty sum that we used to have a nice weekend after. We seem not to be the only ones that experience this, from everybody we have talk to you. This game has a far higher pay rate (RTP) than all the other ones you will see, and it is a fan favorite for that very reason!

How Do Players Rate It?

Although it is clear that the main reason players love this game is that it pays out so wonderfully, that is not the only positive feedback that they have given it. It also looks beautiful, is innovative and unique, and has so many pay lines that you wonder why they put in so many! It’s a fun time for everybody, seemingly having something to offer players of all kinds, and that’s why it is currently one of our top ranked games. Even the demo and playing for fun is enough to win most people over to this one!

Mobile Ready — Android or iOS

What are you are at home, on the bus, or anywhere else, you can enjoy this title in the palm of your hand. On iPhones, android devices, and probably everything else, this game plays instantly, wonderful, and never skips a beat. You will not find a dumb downed version of the game on different platforms, but the fully featured rendition available for your gambling pleasure. This makes it a game that goes with you wherever you need it, including taking a break from other games, or even potentially while playing other games and watching Netflix! You can still play for real money, don’t worry.

What are You Waiting For?

We really enjoyed this game. We have never seen a theme like this, it looks beautiful, it pays out even better, and it is authentically interesting on top of that. If we were to give it a rating, it would be a 10/10. This one hits it out of the park, or rather sucks us dry from all of our woes the longer we play it. That’s as close as we can come up to for an analogy to fruit bats, give us a break!

If you are interested in trying the latest and greatest came from Betsoft, have a chunk of change in your pocket that you would like to double or triple, and want to see why players everywhere are raving about this one, we recommend you stop what you’re doing right now, pick up any of your mobile devices or pop onto your computer, and give this one a spin. It has enough lines to bet on to keep you busy for days, enough well done graphics to make this a smile across your face only grow, and it is the only game about that you will see that doesn’t actually feature any of them!