Reels of Wealth Slots

Reels of Wealth slots is well known in the online casino underground for the amount of money available in the progressive Jackpot. You want to hear this right away before we delve into the gameplay: a life-changing $200,000 is possible early or late in the game. It's clear from the beginning that this is a high quality, highly polished video slot with gold embroidery separating the gameboard from the background. It has five reels and 10 pay lines, with the ability to bet a full 10 points on each of these pay lines, and a range of point sizes that is amenable to either low risk or high risk players.

You can bet one cents, two cents, five cents, $.10, $.25, $.50, and a maximum of one dollar for each of the 10 coins that you choose to put on the betting line. As such, with a maximum bet of $100 per game possible and the ability to win 25 free spins using the scatter symbol, it starts to become easy to see why the jackpot is such a high number. This is one of those rare video slots with enough cash prizes to make a lucky man or woman a rich person.

There are actually a maximum of four jackpots Reels of Wealth Slots. The first one is called the Mega Star jackpot, the Star jackpot the hero jackpot in the legend jackpot – all displayed at the top of the slot screen. The symbols include four of them from the table game poker, greenbacks, gold bullion, red ruby, sack of gold, sapphire gemstone, a treasure chest and an unbreakable money safe. There is also a bonus round called the megastar feature, and can be combined with wild multipliers to improve whatever winnings you happen to chance upon.

Once you enter the free spins around – which requires the megastar symbol – you will truly see what Reels of Wealth Slots has to offer you. For example it is possible to win $200,000 on just a $.25 line bet. Also, for megastar symbols on the reels can deliver $307,000 if the right symbols line. Frankly, this video slot is one of the highest paying ones you will ever see in the online space. But, if you just want to play to have fun is also the Instant Play version available on the casino website landing page. More important than anything else, gamble responsibly and have fun!