Fast Lane Freddie Slots

Fast Lane Freddie is an online slot game that's themed after racing. If you love racing, or you like the look or theme of the slot game you might be the sort of gambler that should be testing this slot game out. Because we know a theme itself doesn't make a slot game, we took the time to fully review Fast Lane Freddie and see what the game has to offer. Below are our results and they should help you decide whether the slot is worth playing or not for you specifically.

Excellent Wagering Flexibility

One thing that we really focus in on when evaluating a slot game is the betting flexibility and how easy it is to place a wager that's comfortable. As a serious gambler you want to be able to wager an amount that you can afford, but that also offers a compelling prize payout if you are a lucky winner. When you play this slot you can enjoy that balance. There are 30 paylines and they're fully adjustable. That means you can wager on between 1 and 30 paylines for each spin that you complete. On each of the lines that you have active, you can wager between $0.01 and $8.00. That means you can effectively wager a low of $0.01 and a high of $240.00 per spin. That's a huge wagering range to work with, and you can precisely adjust your wager amount to something that's comfortable in between those two extremes.

Pays out in Both Directions

We were impressed when we realized that Fast Lane Freddie is a slot game that pays out in either direction. That means that while you play this slot you can win on the standard left-to-right symbol combinations, but you can also win on right-to-left symbol combinations. Because of that, you will win prizes more frequently and should expect to experience more frequent prize payouts as you go from one round to the next of this slot.

Freddie is an Expanding Wild

Freddie is a useful feature because he's key to unlocking the biggest jackpot available as you play, but he's also a powerful wild when the symbol lands on the proper reel. Getting a Freddie symbol anywhere on the third reel creates a very powerful feature that can help you win some impressive prize payouts. When Freddie shows up on the third reel the entire reel get's coated with wild Freddie symbols. When that happens you are likely to get at least a few prize wins, and this special feature occurs more than you might expect as you play through one round after the next in Fast Lane Freddie.

Expanding Pits Wilds

There's a special pits symbol that serves as a normal prize paying symbol under regular circumstances but can turn into a more potent tool for bigger wins if the right conditions are present. Get that Pits symbol on the top position of any reel and it will expand to cover the top three positions. Not only does that symbol expand, but it transforms into a wild that has a 2x multiplier attached to it. With help from this symbol you can double the biggest potential payout available from Fast Lane Freddie, and make the slot into a more exciting game overall.

Minimal Prize Payouts

Fast Lane Freddie isn't the type of slot game that you get started playing to cash in on huge prize payouts. The game isn't structured that way and you won't win hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single spin of the reel. The biggest prize payout that you can get from the slot game is 500 coins, which can be doubled by the Pits bonus wild to 1,000 coins. That means that the maximum prize payout you can get from a single symbol combination is just $8,000 and that's if you're wagering $240 for every single spin that you complete. That isn't much money at all, and isn't likely to get anybody excited. That doesn't mean that the slot game isn't worth playing though. It's simple to win prize payouts from this slot, and you're much more likely to win combinations of prize payouts than you are with other slot games. Even though you'll only win a smaller prize payout, you could win several of them to make up for the low payout in Fast Lane Freddie.

A Cool Racing Bonus

Fast Lane Freddie has another trick up its sleeve as well. While playing this slot game there is a chance you'll unlock a cool racing bonus. To do this you need to get three or more of the bonus race symbols on the reels at the same time. Do that and you'll start the special bonus race round. During this round you are charged with the task of moving your car left or right to get around the other racers. As you pass drivers you'll be rewarded with instant cash prizes. If you can win the race you'll be taken to a special drag race round where you get a chance to win even more money. Choose one of the two racers and hope to come away with a win. Get a win during this round as well and you'll receive an additional bonus payout from the slot game.

Fast Lane Freddie is a cool online slot game, but it's only good for the right sort of gambler. Gamblers that want big flashy wins aren't going to like the game. Gamblers that like to win frequently, or gamblers that like to activate special bonuses often will thoroughly enjoy what the slot has to offer.