Weekend In Vegas Slots

Take a virtual trip to Las Vegas and take in the bright lights, the flashy performances and all the opportunities to become rich with Weekend in Vegas the online slot game. This game is exciting, it’s nice to look at and it packs in some pretty cool features as well. It’s a slot game unlike most others that we’ve tried in the past, which is why we wanted to make a full review for you. Take a look through our review to learn what features make this slot game stand out and what you can expect during your time with the slot.

Snappy Animations

Weekend in Vegas is beautifully designed and stands out immediately for its looks alone. That doesn’t mean that the slot game is worth a playthrough, but if you do decide to try out the game your eyes are in for a treat. The symbols are nicely drawn cartoons and every single one of them is animated in some way. Every win you get comes with bright borders, flashing lights and upbeat music. You’ll feel like you are celebrating if you manage to get a good solid win, and that’s a pretty good feeling that will make you want to come back for more.

Good Wagering Options

The game functions like there are 25 paylines active all the time. You can wager between $0.01 and $1.00 on each of the lines, but you have the option to bet between 1 and 5 coins as well. Thanks to all these different options you can play this slot game for as low as $0.25 per spin and as much as $125 per spin. It isn’t as big of a range as some slot games offer, but most gamblers will be comfortable with these options and should be able to find a sweet spot that they want to play in.

243 Ways to Win

You’ll notice that you’re winning frequently while playing Weekend in Vegas because of the way tat the game is setup. It offers 243 ways to win, even though you only have to pay for 25 paylines with each round that you go through. That means that you have many winning opportunities when you spin, especially when you consider all the different stacked wilds that show up on the reels. The Pole Dancer is the most valuable symbol worth 300 coins, and all the rest of the wins are quite a bit lower, but you won’t care because you’ll be winning very frequently when playing this game.

Stacked Wilds

There are three different stacked wilds in this slot game that help ensure you’ll win frequently. Whether you get Loony Larry, Cautious Chris or Balanced Ben, you’ll get some nice solid wins when the wilds show up on the reels. If you manage to get two of the same wild on the reels at the same time you’ll get a re-spin to help you try for the character bonus round where you can win some really exceptional prize payouts.

Double Your Wins

Anytime that you get a win while playing this slot game you have a chance to double that prize payout instantly with the Double mini game. Just click on the “Double” button and you’ll be taken to a very simple game. Now just choose heads or tails and if you choose right you’ll double up your win just like that. Be careful though, because if you choose wrong you will lose your winnings and have to start over from nothing again.

Playing for Big Wins in the Bonus Round

Get three or more of the character symbol wilds on the reels at the same time and you’ll trigger a valuable bonus round giving you a chance to gamble in Vegas for some nice wins. The character that you get determines what sort of experience you’ll have during the round. Loony Larry rarely wins, but when he does win he wins a massive amount of cash. Cautious Chris wins every single time that you play through the bonus round, but he wins smaller amounts. Balanced Ben wins about half the time, and his wins are pretty substantial.

Win More with Free Spins

On top of the very cool bonus round there is also a free spin round. To trigger this round you need three or more of the police car symbols. Get those symbols on the reels and you’ll get between 8 and 20 free spins depending on the number of scatters that you got to trigger the round. Throughout the free spin round you’ll enjoy a 2x multiplier that really helps maximize the wins that you get from the game itself. Not only that, but you’ll also enjoy a turn spinning the Money Wheel after your bonus round is just about finished. You can get some really nice wins off that, especially if you can make it all the way to the center of the wheel.

Weekend in Vegas is everything that you would expect from a slot game with that flashy of a name. It’s brilliantly designed and very nice to look at. It pays out some very nice prize combinations and has plenty of features to keep you looking forward to your next spin each and every time. Because of all these careful features the game keeps you looking forward to the next round every single time that you spin and you won’t be able to help but come back for more over and over again. We enjoyed our time with this slot game, and you’re likely to feel the same way after testing it out for a bit.