Aruban Nights Slots

Take yourself on a vacation and explore all the fun that online slot gambling has to offer with Aruban Nights a slot game that’s themed after a vacation in Aruba. From the moment that you begin playing this slot it’s obvious that you’re in a beautiful tropical location. The scenery of the slot is beautiful to look at, but that doesn’t mean the slot game is worth playing. That’s exactly what we’re most interested in figuring out, which is why we put together this review of the slot game. Read through our complete review below to learn what you can expect from Aruban Nights.

Flexible Wagering Options

We were impressed with the different wagering options presented when testing out Aruban Nights. Gamblers that want to wager a small amount of money are free to do so, and players that want to risk a large amount of money can do that as well. It doesn’t matter how much money you have to spend on slot gambling, you should be able to pick a wager amount that you’re comfortable with while playing this slot game. There are 20 paylines that are always active while playing. At the low end you can wager $0.01 on each line for a minimum wager amount of $0.20. At the high end you can wager up to $12.00 per line, for a maximum wager amount of $240.00 per spin.

A Small Standard Jackpot

We weren’t impressed with the jackpot payout during the standard rounds of this slot game. While some slots are giving out jackpot payouts as large as 10,000 coins or even 15,000 coins, the maximum you can get from Aruban Nights during the base rounds of the game is 2,000 coins. That’s not a huge win, even if you’re wagering the maximum amount while you play the slot. With a maximum wager in place you would only be walking away with $24,000 from a jackpot win, which isn’t that much on a $240 wager. To unlock this jackpot payout you need to get five of the Sunny the bartender symbols across a single payline. There are many different ways to win cash prizes from the slot game though, so you’ll likely unlock many smaller prize payouts as you gamble from one round to the next. Getting just three symbols on any payline is enough to unlock a good sized payout. There’s also a wild symbol that steps in for all the other symbols on the reels, making it just a bit easier to win prize payouts from Aruban Nights.

Using the Payout Multiplier Feature for Bigger Wins

Even though we weren’t impressed with the standard jackpot payout offered in Aruban Nights, there are a few different features that still keep the game interesting and give you something to look forward to. The first is the payout multiplier feature. With this feature you can enjoy multipliers on your wins if you are lucky enough. Each time that you win a cash prize payout in Aruban Nights the prize combination drops out and new symbols fall down to take the winning symbol positions. If you achieve another win from these new symbols your payout multiplier moves up by 1x to 2x doubling your prize payout. Those winning symbols will drop out again and clear way for a new set of symbols, and a win at this point pays out with a 3x multiplier. The feature can keep going forever, but the multiplier on prize wins is limited to 5x at the highest level. That means, theoretically, you could win as much as 10,000 coins from this feature if you get a jackpot combination on the 5th consecutive payout on the same turn. That’s worth as much as $120,000 and is a very exciting prize payout.

Winning Big During the Free Spins Feature

If you’re fortunate enough to get three or more of the Lindsey scatter symbols during standard rounds of Aruban Nights, you’ll unlock a free spin bonus round where you get 10 free spins. During those free spin rounds the payout multiplier feature is still active, but it’s more powerful than ever. You start out with a 3x payout on any win that you get, but if you get consecutive wins on a single spin that 3x turns to 6x, then 9x and finally 15x leading the way for some very impressive prize payouts. With enough luck you can unlock massive wins from Aruban Nights using these two features together.

Aruban Nights is a nice looking online slot game with a good set of features that many gamblers will enjoy. It features beautiful symbols, and can pay out handsomely if you have a large enough wager in position and you get lucky enough. Sure, the base game jackpot is small, but by leveraging the two special features of the slot game you could win hundreds of thousands on a single spin. That’s why we recommend gamblers try this slot out.