Showcase Slots

Showcase is the fun gameshow slot that will make you feel like you’re on TV playing for serious cash prizes. If you’re looking for a game that has good features and plenty of winning opportunities, you’ll come to respect this slot game. We were impressed with the look and feel of the game, and wanted to try it more after our test period was over with. Keep reading through our complete review of Showcase to learn what stood out about this slot game and what features we truly enjoyed and which things we could live without.

A Good Wagering Range

The first thing that we noticed about this slot game while testing it out is the excellent wagering range that it offers. At the low end you can bet as little as $0.01 per spin, and at the high end you can wager as much as $240.00 per spin. With that level of betting flexibility it’s simple to wager an amount that you’re comfortable with every single time, whether you are a high roller or a low-stakes gamblers. Set a wager amount by choosing the number of paylines and the amount that you want to wager on each of those lines. The minimum line bet is just $0.01 and the maximum is $12.00. Once your wager is set you can begin enjoying this slot game and all the features that it has to offer you.

Wilds Double Payouts

Unlocking a prize payout that includes at least a single wild symbol will lead to double the cash compared to a standard win. Wilds instantly double your prize payout, which is why you want to win with help of wilds whenever possible. Get these helpful symbols on as many reels as you can as you play through the rounds and you could be in for some sizeable wins from the game over time. Wilds are also your key to unlocking some of the better payouts of this slot game. If you manage to get five wilds across a single payline you’ll trigger a 5,000 coin prize payout, or the biggest fixed payout prize that you can get in the slot game. This is even more exciting if it occurs during the free spin bonus round where all prizes are tripled in size.

Solid Paying Scatters

The female gameshow contestant serves as the scatter in this slot game and can help you trigger some exciting payouts as well. If you manage to get three or more of these symbols you’ll start up the free spin bonus round. If you can get five scatter symbols you’ll win 250x your total wager amount, which could be more than $50,000 if you have the maximum bet in place when you win.

Double Your Wins

Any time that you win a prize while playing Showcase, you have the opportunity to try and double that prize. To do this you select one of two sides on a coin and hope that you guessed right. If you guess right you double your prize payout instantly. If you guess wrong you lose all that cash and have to move on with nothing. You can try and double your prize multiple times for even bigger wins, and are able to win up to $25,000 with this special feature, but you risk losing your money more every time that you gamble with your money once again.

Free Spins

Getting three or more scatter symbols in a single turn is enough to unlock free spins for you. You’ll get a total of 15 free spins and any prizes won during that round will be tripled in size. That means that you can win a substantial amount of cash from this special round and you’ll enjoy extended play without having to pay for all your spins. This bonus round occurs infrequently, but when you do trigger it, it’s common to win a good amount of cash in the process.

A Special Bonus Round

All the fun of Showcase comes from the special bonus round that will make you feel like you are on a gameshow. To trigger this round you need to get the bonus wheel symbol on the 2nd and 4th reels at the same time. If you manage to do that you’ll be taken to the special bonus round of this slot game and given a chance to win some serious cash. Once you make it to the bonus you are asked to spin a prize wheel that can potentially pay out thousands of dollars. After spinning you get to choose whether to keep the prize or to spin the wheel again in hopes of a better prize. If you choose to keep the prize the round ends and you walk away with your cash. If you decide to spin again you get stuck with whatever the win is the second time. If you win the smallest amount on the wheel it makes sense to spin the wheel again, but if you get one of the bigger prizes you are taking a big risk by spinning again.

Showcase is an exciting online slot game with a lot of features that will make it feel like a gameshow as you play along. Give the slot a try and you could walk away with thousands of dollars in prize money. Sure you will nee da bit of luck to get a good win, but no matter what you’re likely to have a good time playing this slot game, which is what really matters.