Kate’s Waddle Slots

If you are looking to try out something different and innovative with slot machines, trying Kate’s Waddle can be the best decision you make. This is a very special and unique opportunity full of great surprises and interesting theme. The game play is something different while simple and exciting. You will love navigating through your opportunities and betting options with its enormous amount of rewards and great bonuses. The game comes with innovative approaches and top quality design and hence the players love following the interesting story of the game which cannot ever possibly get boring. Loads of animals, interesting creatures and of course generous rewards are here waiting for you in this game. In addition, you will have some generous jackpots which are pretty fun and easy to trigger. So if you are ready to hit a new and fresh opportunity, give this slot machine a try.

Theme and Symbols

Kate’s Waddle Slots is a unique opportunity featuring very interesting game play with a not less interesting theme. You will meet all manner of animals and mammals here. In addition, some of the symbols also include a boat and an igloo. The game also features a wild symbol of Penguins as well as a scattered symbol which is the Kate. You will love keeping an eye on these wonderful special symbols of the game and spinning the reels will remain a fun adventure of the day for you. There are some interesting features which will be activated with these symbols and hence landing them on your lines will be very rewarding.


And here we are approaching the great innovative game play of this amazing slot machine. A great surprise is waiting for you with the game’s 100 pay lines! So this is a 10x10 slot game where you have some great options when it comes to placing your bets. The top bet you can place on each line can be worth $8 while the maximum bet of the game in case you go for all the available lines will be hence worth $240. While the creators made sure they added a visible sophistication to the game play, at the same time they preserved classic useful features of the gameplay. So in here, you can also use the auto spin mode to simply chill and admire the great theme of the game while the great spins are happening automatically for you.


While simple combinations of at least 6 identical symbols of the game will already bring you nice payouts, there are some juicier bonus opportunities here waiting for you. Your wild penguin symbol is something special in this game as it will help you land winning combos even faster. And in the lucky case of landing 100 wilds will award you the crazy amount of 5000 coins. At the same time, you have the generous Kate scattered symbol which will help you trigger the free spins. Depending on how many of this great symbol you manage to land on your active lines, you will be able to enjoy up to 9 free spins. A great opportunity of receiving another 3 free spins will become available to you in case you meet the Orca symbol as you enjoy your already earned free spins.


To wrap up your great adventure, you will get to enjoy some great progressive jackpots in here. You have all the chances to hit the great growing amounts which include: Cash Grab, Mystery, and Super Slots. So join the amazing game and get ready for big wins. Good luck!