Animal Arcade Slots

When you play slots at online casinos, you're expecting reels and paylines. Animal Arcade slots, however, completely breaks this mold. It plays more like a board game than a traditional internet slot. You can read more about how Animal Arcade works below.

Format & gameplay

Produced by Arrow's Edge, this game features a board with different jungle animals lining it. Each animal represents a potential prize. You must select one or more of the available animals to bet. Once satisfied, you choose the spin button to send a highlighter moving clockwise around the board. The highlighter will eventually stop on one of the animals to determine if you win a prize.

Pay table

Animal arcade features a diverse array of symbols and animals. Each animal offers a different payout. The symbols and payouts include: Tiger 100x, Tiger 50x, Elephant 40x, Lion 30x, Gorilla 20x, Panda 20x, Rhino 15x, King Cobra 10x, Hawk 5x, Elephant 2x, Lion 2x, Gorilla 2x, Panda 2x, Rhino 2x, King Cobra 2x, and Hawk 2x.

You should note that not all of icons show the payout multiplier directly on the animals. However, you can easily see this information by looking at each animal under the betting options or by visiting the info screen.

Animal Arcade slots features & bonuses

Assuming the highlighter lands on "Free Spin," then your spin will be free. You receive your bet back, and the highlighter will move around the board once again (re-spin) to give you a chance at winning a prize.

If the highlighter lands on "Double Win," then you get two free spins. One highlighter will move clockwise and another will go counter-clockwise to provide you with two re-spins in one.

Betting options

You can wager between $0.50 and $10 on each animal. Therefore, you must bet at least $0.50 per spin. With eight animals in total, you can wager up to $80 (10 x 8) per round.

Use demo mode or play for real money

Animal Arcade is quite different from any online slot or casino game in general. We highly suggest that you try this game through demo mode first. You'll want to familiarize yourself with the betting options and gameplay before taking a bigger leap. Once you're comfortable with the game, you can deposit and wager real money.

Play on your smartphone or tablet

This slot looks nice on either a computer or mobile device. You may appreciate seeing the board-game design on your smartphone or tablet.

Animal Arcade slots RTP

The Animal Arcade RTP ranges from 94.35% to 94.44%. In either case, this payout percentage isn't very good. Most online slots offer somewhere around 96% RTP. Nevertheless, you may still find this game worth playing due to its interesting format.

Overall rating on Animal Arcade slots

We give Animal Arcade a 9 out of 10. This slot presents a completely interesting concept that revolves around jungle animals and a board game. If you're looking for something different, then this slot is definitely it.

The only reason why Animal Arcade slots doesn't receive a 10 is because it's pretty basic beyond the revolutionary format. Arrow's Edge has included free spins and a Double Win bonus. However, you'll eventually get used to this game after 30-60 minutes of playing it. Nevertheless, we still highly recommend Animal Arcade from an overall perspective.