True Heroes Slots

I need a hero remains a classic song from the 1980's, and in a lot of ways, still rings true and sums up this vintage style, animated wonder, True Heroes. Arrow's Edge once more finds the mark with this five reel gem, which puts the common man, the everyday man, who risk life and limb to save lives. True Heroes features two bonus rounds and many ways to for you win big time.

Going Inside Arrow's Edge

Arrow's Edge in the short time that it has been in existence, continues to set the bar high when it comes to developing high profile, animated, five reel wonders. To help bring these visual gems to life, much like True Hero Slots, Arrow's Edge uses the power of the flash engine. The special technology of the flash engine makes it possible to compress these visual gems with next to no loss in game detail. Flash is also the key to being able to play these games straight online, or you can download them to your personal computer or the mobile device of your choice.

Playing Some Demo Rounds

There's no need to get your courage all the way worked up. By all means, play some demo rounds to get the feel of the game. Arrow's Edge designs their games, and in this case, True Heroes Slots, to where you can play some practice rounds. The game features are available, but you won't be able to win real money.

A Truly Heroic Theme

Make no mistake about it, the hero takes center stage here with True Heroes. All the details, the game icons and the reels, resemble a vintage, hero movie, where the pressure is on to win. The game play take place, right in front of a burning building for extra pressure.

It's All In The Design

Everything you need to be the hero of the day, are right on the game screen. There is a spin button and an auto play button, right there for the pickings. There are pay line arrows to help you get the bet right, in addition to the coin size buttons. Anytime you need to go over the game icons and their amounts, just hit the pay table button.

What Type Of A Game Is True Heroes?

Well, quite frankly, True Heroes has a lot going on. There are multiple bonus rounds a progressive jackpot that can be won after any spin.

Heroic Pay Lines

True Heroes is a five reel game that comes with 25 pay lines. All the pay line are adjustable. You can bet on all of them, a single one or anything in between.

Get Your Bet Right

And just like you can adjust the number of pay lines, you can easily tweak the coin size through the coin size buttons as well. The values grow in increments of a nickel, all the way to eight dollars. The minimum bet to get the reels spinning, stands at a penny, while the maximum bet per spin, is $250.

It's All In The Pay Table

Any time you wish to review the game icons in True Heroes Slots, all you have to do is press the pay table button. Some of the most important icons include, the ambulance and the police sirens. Both of these icons will double winning combinations. The fireman is the highest ranking symbol. It will reward you with 5,000 credits for getting all five of him on the pay line. The police woman ranks second, shelling out 1,000 credits for filling an entire row with her. You will want to keep your eye on the police car, for it is instrumental in launching the bonus round. In regular game play, it will greatly impact the winning multiplier, even all the way up to 100 times. To score a win, you must get three of a kind of a like symbol on the pay line.

An Interesting Bonus Round

There's not one, but two bonus rounds. The first bonus round is known as the police chase bonus round. To get into this bonus round, you must get at least one of the police cars to land on the third reel. At the onset, you will be given a 10 times winning multiplier. You are given 25 free spins that will play out on a special row, blocked by police tape. Should a second police car land during the first stanza, you will be given a 25 times winning multiplier, along with another set of 25 games. And in the second stanza, if another police car lands, you will be granted a 100 times winning multiplier.

What About The Free Spins Round

There are no free spins in True Heroes Slots.

The Return To Player

Nobody likes to lose, but losing comes with the territory. Don't lose heart. The more you wager, the more you will eventually get back when you play True Heroes Slots.

Is There A Rating?

There is no official rating involved with True Heroes Slots. It is nice and clean without any mature content.

Are You The Next Winner?

Arrow's Edge has a way of making winners. True Heroes Slots has all the ingredients of making you a winner. Depending on the online casino you are playing True Heroes Slots, you might find your name in the headlines celebrating your win.

Playing For The Heck Of It

Keep your eyes out for third party promotions. You might find some no deposit or free spins bonuses where you can play for free, and win some real money in the process.

Making A Real Bet

The online casinos that are hosting True Heroes Slots, will have many ways for you to make a bet. The traditional methods include credit cards and debit cards. If you are going to use these, you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier for approval. You might also be able to use Bitcoin or e wallet services like Neteller and Skrill.

Playing On The Go

True Heroes Slots is fully equipped to play on all the major smart phones and tablets. It will also work on laptops as well. There is no need to create a new account on the mobile platform. Simply login on your smart device and pickup right where you left off.