Event Horizon Slots

Classic slot symbols take on a very futuristic appearance in Event Horizon the online slot game. If you like the look and feel of symbols such as cherries, card letters and numbers and BAR symbols, but you want to play something that feels fresh and new, you might thoroughly enjoy Event Horizon and all that the slot game has to offer. We had a good experience with the slot game during our review process. Read on to find out what we liked about the slot, and what we didn’t like so much as well. Our review is the quickest way to help you decide if the slot is worth playing or not.

An Interesting Wagering System

Event Horizon has an interesting wagering system that gives you a decent range of wager amounts to work with while keeping coin values very low. The system can be a bit confusing at first though, and even misleading when you look at the bet value on the slot game itself. On the slot game itself you’ll see a bet amount denoted that is actually letting you know how many total coins you are wagering per spin. The cash value of your wager is down below in a small box that reads Bet. You can effectively wager between $0.25 and $31.25 per spin depending on the settings that you have selected. This is a smaller range than many gamblers would be comfortable with, and some low-stakes players as well as high-rollers won’t be excited about their options. With that said, most players will be comfortable betting within the two extremes in Event Horizon.

Pays 243 Ways

Unlocking paying combinations in Event Horizon is simple to do because the slot game pays out in 243 different ways. What this means is that the slot doesn’t rely on traditional paylines, and instead pays out in different special combinations of symbols. While you will likely get more wins from this game because of the prize payout structure than you would with a slot with a standard structure for a 25-payline slot, the prize wins that you do unlock might be more confusing. For that reason we found it best not to try and understand every prize payout that we got, and to just enjoy our wins as we went through spins on this slot game.

Playing with TurboPlay

Event Horizon comes with a feature allowing gamblers to speed up the animations of the game for spinning faster. If you’re in a hurry to go through more rounds while playing this slot game, you can open up the options and turn TurboPlay on. This feature will make the animations quicker, so that you can go through more rounds in less time. It’s the perfect option for gamblers that want to go through dozens or hundreds of spins in a single session.

Wild Orbs

The cool orb symbols serve as wilds in Event Horizon and they take the place of any other symbol on the reels. That means if you see one of these wilds you can use it to win more prizes from any of the surrounding symbols. These wilds can appear on any of the reels and they don’t offer any sort of multiplier bonus. They are beneficial and will help you complete all sorts of prize winning combinations.

Modest Prize Payouts

We weren’t surprised to see that Event Horizon doesn’t offer massive prize payouts as you play the game. Instead, you get very modest prize wins. The top prize is worth 1,000 coins and it’s five of the 7 symbols. After that prize the next best is 500 coins for five bells, and then 400 coins for five of the triple BAR symbols. These wins aren’t something that most people would get excited about on their own, but it doesn’t mean the slot isn’t worth playing. In Event Horizon there are 243 ways to win with every single spin. Prize combinations are very common and you should expect to get multiple wins on a single spin. While playing Event Horizon it’s important to remember that you can wager up to five coins on a single reel as well. If you do that you won’t actually win 1,000 coins on the top paying symbols, but 5,000 coins. That makes the payouts from the slot a bit more exciting.

Synced Reels

The feature that was most interesting to use while testing out Event Horizon is the reel syncing. With this feature multiple reels can be made to display the same exact symbols as other reels at the same time. That means you’ll get two reels showing the exact same symbols. When this happens the feature will expand after the spin to between three and five reels. It’s easy to see how getting the feature on all five reels could result in some astounding prize payouts, but even getting it on three or four reels can result in some exceptional wins.

Event Horizon is a cool online slot game with some very nice features. It looks a bit simplistic at first glance, but thanks to the synced reels feature, and the different unique quirks of this slot game it’s worth a playthrough or two. We recommend this game to any gambler that wants to try out an interesting slot.