Star Slots

Star Slots takes players to the stars and beyond where they meet some of the inhabitants of distant planets and space stations. There is Lance and Tobias and the beautiful Crystaley who is also the scatter symbol. There are also some evil entities in space including an evil Android and lots of villains. Players may try out this game for fun before placing real money bets on all of the twenty reels. There is an auto play option for players that like to preset the number of spins the game runs for consecutively and at the end of every winning spin, a double up feature is optional. The double up feature gives the player a chance to double his winnings by guessing heads or tails on a coin that is tossed. An incorrect guess loses the winnings for that spin.

Special Features that Lead to Wonderful Wins

This game has a very special feature that is seen on all the reels, it is a spinning planet that acts as a wild. The spinning planet awards players triple the bet placed when used in a payline and it also awards player sup to 30 free spins if in the free spins feature. The initial free spins are activated when three of the Crystaley scatter symbols appear on screen, awarding the player 10 free spins. When the spinning wild appears, the player can win 20 or 30 free spins. Tobias is a bonus symbol and he awards the player some fantastic chances with three different bonus games that can be triggered depending on how the bonus sphere lands with it awarding different multipliers. The game is triggered with three and more of the Tobias characters on screen. A single multiplier awards the player the Training scene bonus in which players are invited to choose a prize that is either a multiplier or it ends up as the villain. A 2x reward gives the player the bonus lightning screen where he is invited to pick one out of four villains that will reveal a prize. And the top bonus game awarded after landing a 3x choice from Tobias gives players a chance to shoot space ships. Players get to shoot between one and five spaceships that reveal some great prizes and fun for the player to keep shooting. This outer space game is filled with fun and winning possibilities for the player at every stage.