A Christmas Carol Slots

It's that time of year again. People are getting ready for the holiday season that's quickly approaching and they are celebrating this time of the year in many different ways. Now you can celebrate doing one of the things that you love by playing a Christmas Carol the slot game. The game is designed to closely follow the famous story, A Christmas Carol, and it does so with a clever set of characters and features. Whether you love the story, you aren't familiar with it, or you just want another way to celebrate the holidays, this slot game is a lot of fun.

Beautiful Graphics and Animations

A Christmas Carol is an excellent online slot game largely because of how well it's designed. Form the moment you begin playing the game you'll feel like you're sitting beside the character of Scrooge during that fateful night that the play is about. The slot is a bit spooky, and it shows off some beautiful animations. Scrooge occasionally nods his head, moves around and waves the candle that he is holding. There is also snow falling outside of the window in the background that makes the environment feel very reel. Couple that with nicely drawn symbols on the reels and you have a masterpiece of a slot game that you'll want to explore yourself.

Bet at Low or High Levels

The wagering range in A Christmas Carol is pretty flexible and should give you enough breathing room to choose a wager amount you are comfortable with. At the low end you can wager as few as 25 coins with a $0.01 value for $0.25 wagered total. At the upper end you can wager up to 125 coins with a value of $1.00 each for a total wagered amount of $125.00 per spin. There are plenty of options in between those two extremes as well, so choose something that you are comfortable with and begin playing the slot game from there.

Good Moderate Prize Payouts

A Christmas Carol offers a good blend of prize payouts depending on the settings that you select. It's possible to win as much as 2,400 coins by getting full wilds across a reel. The next best win that you can get is from five Scrooge symbols which is worth 1,000 coins, followed by five bell symbols worth 800 coins. Either way, there are some good wins that you can unlock during the base rounds of this game, and that doesn't even include the special Ghost bonus symbols either.

Winning with the Ghost Features

A Christmas Carol looks really nice and has some fun symbols and decent prizes, but let's face it, the main reason that people are playing the game is for the ghosts themselves. That's why it's fitting that the ghost bonus features are the most exciting part about this slot game. When you're playing the game you'll thoroughly look forward to the different ghosts and the different bonuses that they are going to bring to your slot experience. There are three different ghost features to be aware of, Past Winning Spins, Future Winning Spins and Present Wilds. Each one of these features can help you win more money in their own special way, and you should be watching out for each of them as you play through rounds of this slot game yourself. Get three or more of the golden Past Winning Spins symbols and you'll unlock a set of free spins that initiate immediately. You'll get between 3 and 12 free spins depending on how many of the symbols you get across the reels. The cool thing about this feature is that you're guaranteed a win on each Past Spin, or your guaranteed to trigger an additional feature on each round. Either way you are going to profit handsomely from this special feature if you are lucky enough to unlock it. Get three or more of the blue Future Winning Spins and you'll start that feature. You get between 3 and 12 spins once again depending on how many of the symbols you get. During these free spins you are once again guaranteed a feature activation or a payline win for each of your Future Spins that you go through, leaving lots of room for winning. Finally, there is the Present Wilds feature. Get three or more of the green ghosts at any time and any ghosts on the reels are transformed into wild symbols right then and there. Ghosts show up on the reels frequently, so this special feature will greatly enhance your chances of unlocking some exciting prize payouts.

Leveraging Autoplay

Another way to improve your experience with the slot game is to carefully select autoplay options to make the game spin for you. You can very easily set up your entire wager amount and the total number of spins that you want to go through with this feature. The game can go through between 5 and 100 spins automatically depending on which settings you select. If you're sick and tired of pressing the spin button this feature is going to make your life better undoubtedly.

Double Your Wins

With every win that you get, you have an opportunity to try and double that prize money into something more substantial. This is just one way that the slot game can be more exciting and is worth playing. To activate the feature press the Double Up button down at the bottom. Now select from heads or tails to try and guess how the flipped coin is going to land. Guess right and you'll double the value of the most recent win that you unlocked. Guess wrong and you will lose out on the money from that win entirely.

A Christmas Carol is a cool online slot game and it's just brimming with special features. If you're looking or another way to celebrate the holidays, this is the game to do it with. Sit down and play through a test session of the slot and we guarantee that you'll have a good time. It's a lot of fun and well worth a playthrough or two.