Pierre’s Patisserie Slots

Take on the task of running a French pastry shop in Pierre’s Patisserie while trying to unlock some exciting wins and expanding your bankroll. This slot game is well designed, but it does look dated compared to some of the other slot games that we’ve reviewed in the past. We aren’t sure whether or not we’re going to like the game, which is even more reason for you to read through our review below to see what this game has to offer and if it’s something you should just skip over.

Choosing Your Wager Amount

Pierre’s Patisserie has a total of 25 paylines that you can turn on and off as you see fit. That means you can wager on between 1 and 25 paylines with each turn that you take with this slot game. Each of the lines that you wager on will accept an amount somewhere between $0.01 and $10.00. With that sort of range to work with and all those options you are free to bet a low of $0.01 and a high of $250.00 per spin. That’s an excellent range to work with and it should make most players very happy. It makes no difference what level you want to play at, you should be able to do so without an issue in this slot game.

Cascading Symbols

Prize combinations are very common while playing Pierre’s Patisserie thanks to the cascading symbols feature that’s known as the Tasty Treat feature. Each time that you get a win on the reels, all the symbols involved in that win will disappear, making way for new symbols during that same round. You’ll have new symbols falling down into position as often as you can get a win. If those new symbols form a new win, they will disappear and make way for new symbols once again. As long as you keep getting wins the symbols will keep disappearing and making way for new ones. On top of giving you more chances to unlock winning combinations, each second win you get during the same round transforms a symbol into a wild starting with the cupcake symbol and then the macaron. As new symbols transform into wilds you’ll be even more likely to get additional wins and keep the winning streak going. You can get some excellent combinations because of this symbol feature and it really adds to the slot game.

Modest Prize Payouts

The very first thing that we noticed about this slot game is the payouts are modest. You won’t get thousands of coins from a single win in this game, which means you’ll be relying on combination wins more than single high-paying wins as you play. The top fixed jackpot comes from five of the wilds, and is worth just 1,000 coins. The next best comes from the cupcake worth 300 coins and the Macaron is worth 250. While these modest prizes will limit the wins that you can get from the game, they also mean that more symbol combinations will be exciting to unlock with this game, since the prize values are much closer together than with some slot games.

Free Spin Bonus

If you can get three or more of the scatter symbols during a single round of this slot game you will trigger the free spin bonus round. During this round you get a total of 15 free spins and you have some excellent chances of winnings prize payouts. There is a special symbol that shows up during this round that you’ll want to collect as often as possible. If you can get three or more of the flour symbols as you are going through your free spins you will receive 3 additional free spins. If you can get six or more of them you’ll get three more free spins and a 3x multiplier that will stick with you for the remainder of the bonus round.

There’s a Mystery Jackpot

One thing you’ll notice immediately when playing this game is that it has a Mystery Jackpot feature. This jackpot gives you a way to win a good amount of money no matter how much you are wagering on this slot game. The jackpot unlocks at random and could be worth more than a thousand dollars as you play. That’s a lot of money and something that most players will get excited about. Even if you can’t win massive prizes from most winning combinations, that jackpot gives you a good solid win to look forward to. The jackpot grows as large as $10,000 before it automatically chooses a winner.

Pierre’s Patisserie is a promising slot game that seems a bit dull at first. The graphics aren’t exciting and the prizes are quite low, but the carefully added features make the game a lot of fun to play anyway. The cascading symbols keep prizes coming and the special free spin round will help you get some more substantial wins coming in. If you want a fun baking-themed slot, or just a slot that focuses on prize combinations, you’ll enjoy your time with this one.