Lucky Orbit Slots

Perhaps you might want to travel into space with an adorable and sociable monkey? If you do then, Lucky Orbit Slots will be right up your alley. Play from five reels and 35 pay lines, plus wilds, sticky wilds, and bonuses galore! There is a Cash Grab Progressive Jackpot, a Free Spins Feature, and a Mega Symbol Respins Feature, all ripe for the taking. This Arrow's Edge video slot takes top wagers of $240 per spin for those high rollers, but those who like to keep it simple are still covered with a minimum penny bet per pay line.

Space Symbols

The symbols are out of this world, outer space, to be more specific. They include a Green Alien, an Astronaut, Earth, the Monkey, the Planets, and the Sun. Your wild symbol here is the Green Alien, who, besides being an alternate for all other symbols, it also is a stacked wild on the center three reels. A unique addition to Lucky Orbit Slots is while in standard gameplay, a sticky wild bonus comes into play, so if you don’t get any wilds within your first 25 spins, the next 25 spins will be sticky wilds for the next three spins. Spins 51-75 keeps the sticky wilds in play for four spins, and then from the 76th spin to 100, the sticky wilds stay in play for five spins.

Outta This World Bonuses

The Mega Symbol Respins shows up at the top of the screen with intermittent lights on it. After each spin, if two of the lights stay on, you trigger the Mega Symbol Respins. Here, you not only get re-spins, but you also get mega symbols and can continue to spin until you win! Now in the Free Spins Feature, which starts with the Sun symbols, you begin to get free spins based on how many you got. You could get up to 20 of them. The Mega logo continues in play because three of those lights can stay on, causing the middle three reels to unify. You can also continue spinning until you win. Finally, there is a Cash Grab Progressive Jackpot, which starts with the Astronaut symbols. Five of them take the jackpot, which could be as big as $5k.