Lilly’s Pad Slots

Take a trip to the swamp and test your luck in Lilly's Pad, an online slot game with a whole lot of character. This cartoony slot has a few interesting features and some nice prize opportunities as well. There were some features that we didn't like about the game, and some others that we really liked. Read through our review and find out whether or not this slot is right for you.

Odd Wagering Limits

One thing that we instantly found odd about Lilly's Pad was the betting limits that the slot game offers. There is a decent range for you to bet within, but because the game has 18 paylines you'll be wagering some odd dollar amounts with each of your spins. If you want to conserve your money as much as possible, you can wager as little as $0.36 per spin with $0.02 on each of the different paylines. If you're interested in winning big from this slot game, you can raise your wager amount all the way up to $252.00 per spin for some serious prize wins.

Modest Prize Payouts

We weren't really impressed by the different prize offerings in this slot game, especially during the base rounds of the game. There aren't any prizes worth more than 1,000 coins, and the biggest prize that you can get is 750 coins for five of the turtle symbols, followed by the Alligator symbols worth 500 coins. Since the prizes are so small in this slot, you need to rely on winning combinations of prizes to come away with some impressive payouts from Lilly's Pad. Fortunately, that was our experience when playing this slot game.

The Lilly Pad Bonus Round

Get three or more of the scatter symbols at the same time and you'll unlock the special bonus round of this slot game. When you do that you'll be presented with 12 different lilly pads to choose from. Each one of those pads has a different random prize behind it. To play this bonus game you will be tasked with choosing between one and four lilly pads depending on the round that you are in. There are 8 rounds total and each one offers a different chance to unlock prize payouts. Play through the rounds and walk away with as much cash as you can. This was our favorite bonus round, and one of the main reasons that we enjoyed playing Lilly's Pad.

Two Random Jackpots

There are two random jackpot prizes in this slot game that you can unlock if you are fortunate enough. Both of these prizes can be won at random after any spin of the reels. Even if you are having a poor playing experience, you could get lucky, unlock one of these generous prize payouts and still come away with a very nice win from this slot game. One of the jackpots is worth hundreds, while the other is worth thousands or tens of thousands if you win it.

Easy Autospin

While playing Lilly's Pad it's simple to activate the autospin feature. You just need to press the button featuring two curved arrows on it. Do that and the slot game will immediately begin turning through the reels again and again. To stop the feature you press the button once again and it will shut it off. If you don't turn autospin off yourself, it will keep going until you run out of money eventually. That's why it's important to check on the slot game periodically to make sure that you're not losing more money than you have to.