Dragon's Cave Slots

Head down into the cave of the beast to try and snatch away the prize money straight from the mouth of the Dragon in Dragon’s Cave, a thrilling online slot game. From the very moment that we began playing the game it was clear that it was going to stand out. A quick loading screen brought us to a snowy backdrop with an ancient warrior that’s clearly ready to stand toe-to-toe with a vicious dragon and battle it out. We knew we had to review this slot game as soon as we saw it, and our thoughts from that review are down below. Learn if this slot is right or not for you below.

Massive Betting Options

With just 9 paylines you might think that you’re betting options are limited or that you simply can’t wager that much while you play the game. You would be wrong. There is a huge range of betting options for you to work with and you can literally risk as little as $0.02 or as much as $270.00 per spin depending on the settings that you choose. You do this by turning on and off 9 different paylines for the slot. You also set the different line values between a low of $0.02 and a high of $30.00. With just two different options you can adjust your wager amount dramatically to get it to a level you are comfortable with.

A Modest Top Payout

The big payout in this slot during the base round is just 2,000 coins by getting five of the Yar symbols across the reels. This is worth up to $60,000 if you have the maximum wager amount on that line that you unlock the prize payout at. That’s a good sized prize, but isn’t too impressive when you consider just how much you would have to wager to win it. During the base game you’ll want to get as many of the themed symbols as you can, and to avoid the card symbols whenever possible. The themed symbols are much more valuable and will result in bigger and more exciting wins for you.

Profitable Free Spins

Even though the payouts during the base game aren’t all that exciting, you can win bigger and better payouts during the free spin bonus game. Get three or more scatter symbols to trigger that bonus round and you’ll be looking at many different winning opportunities. During this bonus round getting three or more scatter symbols will trigger an additional 5 free spins on top of the ones that you already have. Anytime that you create a prize winning combination using a wild during these rounds the prize is tripled in size. A wild will also trigger a re-spin during the free spin bonus round. That means you effectively get two chances to win with any wilds that show up, making wild wins even more common than they already were. There’s also a special Dragon’s Gem feature built into this bonus game. Getting Dragon Gem symbols will help make your wilds more powerful than before. Getting three gems will make the next wild a 2-stacked wild. Six gems gives you a three stacked wild next time and nine gems gives you an expanding wild throughout the round. With all of these different bonuses working for you during this special round it’s surprisingly easy to unlock prize payouts from the free spin bonus round, and you’ll come to rely on it to help you get the biggest wins possible as you play along.

Special Themed Bonus Games

Even though the free spin bonus round is exciting and offers some exceptional payouts, the game doesn’t stop there. It’s also possible to get some really nice wins from one of the two themed bonus games offered in Dragon’s Cave. These games are both triggered by getting three of the treasure chest symbols. Get them across the reels and you’ll be able to choose to play one of the two games. When playing the Dragon’s Cave feature, you will be tasked with stealing treasure chests from the dragon. The chests pay out with instant cash prizes. If you get the Sword bonus instead, you’ll be granted special powers that result in different instant cash prize payouts.

A Powerful Progressive Jackpot

Dragon’s Cave has a highly profitable progressive jackpot feature that can pay out more than $10,000 in some instances. Keep an eye on this special bonus and remember that it can literally trigger for you with any spin that you make in this slot game. You don’t have to do anything special at all, just get lucky on a random spin and you win.

Dragon’s Cave ended up being a slot game worth playing in our opinions. The game is packed with features, it pays out nicely and offers a very simple, but powerful wagering system. It has everything that a good slot needs to be enjoyable to play, and that’s why we recommend the game to everyone that likes to play slots. Give it a try for yourself and you’ll likely find at least a few of the features that appeal to you as well.