Kawaii Kitty Slots

Are you a cat fan that loves to gamble as well? Then you're in for a big and pleasant surprise. Say hello to the adorable feline that will greet you on the slot reels of this 3D video slot machine title.

Kawaii Kitty Slots is a cutting-edge Betsoft Gaming creation that engulfs you in a wave of cuteness. The Japanese say Kawaii when they see something cute, and you are definitely going to see a lot of cute things when you play this game.

From its symbols to its background picture, and from its soft and warm pastel colors to its fluffy game hostess, this slot title is as Kawaii as it gets. But it is not only cuteness that counts of course. As a gambling fan, you're also in it for the big cash winnings. Luckily, the game also manages to satisfy you on that particular aspect.

Play Kawaii Kitty Slots and you will soon conclude that this adorable and lucrative 3D slot title makes you spin like a satisfied cat. So get ready to push those buttons and spin those reels for truly purr-fect winnings.

Buttons That Make You Spin Like a Real Pro

Betsoft Gaming wants to make your slot reel spinning experience as convenient as possible. Therefore, it lets you make various adjustments that help you to personalize the game according to your betting and play style wishes.

First of all, you can choose if you like to play with background music and game noises or if you prefer to place your bets in total silence. You can find the sound adjustment button on the bottom left of the screen.

Next to that button, you will see an attribute that can be used to adjust a couple of game settings. Adjust the sound and music options, disable animations or activate the turbo play option, which will speed up the spinning sessions.

The next game adjustment function is the coin value setting, which lets you bet coin amounts that range between 0.02 and 1.00. You can also adjust the bet level, which ranges between 1 and 10. Furthermore, if you're fully confident about your winning abilities, then you might find it interesting and profitable to use the max bet button.

Once you personalized the wager details, you're ready to put the slot reels in motion. It is possible to perform this action with the help of the conventional spin button, but you can also hit auto play so that the game conveniently spins its reels on autopilot.

If you're interest in learning more about the game rules and the available payout possibilities, then you have to click on the '?' at the bottom right side of the screen. This button leads you to the useful paytable information.

Besides all of these commonly used game play buttons, you also find a unique and lucrative extra betting option on the screen of this slot machine title. Click on that attribute to activate the special double up game.

Grow Your Cash Wins in the Special Double up Game

Activate the exclusive double up button when you obtain a standard slot reel win. Via this button, you will be able to gamble with cash winnings. Choose if you like to gamble half of those winnings or all of them. Next, you have to make a choice between heads or tails. After that, the coin will start to spin, and your stakes will be doubled if it displays your choice when it stops. Click on collect bank to claim the prize before you head back to the normal game again.

Spin Precious and Cut Feline Items on the Slot Machine Reels

Since this is a cat themed slot title, you can expect to see a variety of playful and beautifully animated feline items on the 5 slot reels of the game. Some of these items are for example a pack of milk, a mouse toy, a can of tuna, kitty food and a kitty brush. Collect all these symbols and line them up via 10 pay lines. Also, try to pin the Yarn icon on the reels, because that is a special attribute in this game.

Make Yourself and the Kitty Happy When You Spin the Expanding Wild Yarn Symbol

The wild yarn icon is one of kitty's favorite symbols, and it will also become your favorite if you discover what it can do for a bankroll. This symbol will always show up on reels two, three and four, and it will expand to fill up the complete reel. Wins will be calculated and reels without wilds will spin again.

Kawaii Kitty Slots Delivers a Purr-Fect Slot Title Spectacle

Kawaii Kitty Slots is a high quality casino game that brings beautiful animations and innovative game features to the gambling table. You can always bet on the fact that Betsoft delivers quality whenever it develops and releases a slot game. And once again, the software producer did not let you down with this purr-fect slot title spectacle.

Play this online slot machine on a Betsoft Gaming powered casino platform, and don't forget to bring coins if you want to play it for real money. Additionally, you can use casino credits if you just want to practice or spin for fun.