Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots

To start, you need to understand that this really isn't a slot game. Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is an arcade shooter that takes place in Ancient Egypt. You're battling mummies, gods, and creepy little bugs. The bigger the enemy, the more you win.

Bite the Bullet and Bet

Your bet really does involve bullets. Depending on the room you choose, you'll bet 1 to 25 cents per bullet. You can buy up to 1,000 bullets at a time. The more you have, the longer your shooting session.

Some rooms may have no other players. They can join in at any time. When you're competing against someone else, it's a little more challenging to get the high-value enemies before they do. You want to get as many experience points as possible. Each week, there are competitions that pit the players with the highest XP total against each other for special prizes.

Getting Started

To play Max Quest: Wrath of Ra slots, make a few simple choices. Pick your character and enter a name. Place your wager by buying bullets and setting the coin value. Enter a room. There's a counter at the bottom that tells you how many players are in that room.

Basic game controls include your mouse and the left and right buttons. Left-click fires your weapon and right-click auto targets on an enemy. Hold down left-click and rapid fire. You keep firing until you're out of bullets. You can bet again by buying more. You continue where you left off.

Take a Look at the Weapons

You start with a pistol. It doesn't do a lot of damage. Killing enemies or buying weapons chests gets you better firepower. Shotguns, grenades, machine guns, laser guns, and plasma rifles are all available. You can only buy bullets for your main guns. When you buy a weapons chest, the gun comes with a limited amount of ammo. Once you've used it up, you go back to your main gun.

You're Targeting These Enemies

There are several enemies in the game. Some are hard to kill than others. The harder they are to kill, the more they're worth. Some give you cash and an Ancient Egyptian treasure. The enemies are:

  • Scarab Hatchling, Shadow Scarab, or Golden Tomb Scrabbler – 2x to 50x
  • Ruby Crypt Watcher - 3x to 60x
  • Wrapped Minion, Minion Shadowguard, or Wrapped Spiritguard – 5x to 100x
  • Tahawy Warrior – 7x to 150x
  • Crimson Bataanta or Emerald Bataanta – 10x to 200x
  • Risen Fire Scarab – 50x to 2,000x
  • Risen Fire Mummy – 75x to 5,000x

Each main round has quests to complete. You get experience points when you complete a quest. You might be killing a specific number of enemies or collecting a select set of artifacts. After the main round, you'll play the Gods Have Risen bonus. The bonus round takes longer as the gods require a lot of shots. Each shot that hits the god gives you a cash prize. You also get cash for the bullets and weapons you didn't use during this boss battle.

Things to Know About Max Quest

There are buttons along the bottom of the screen. The $ allows you to buy more ammo or a weapons chest as you play each level. You'll get better firepower when you spend money on new weapons.

Every bullet will hit a mark. Even if you miss, it will ricochet and hit another target. If there is no other target in the room, it bounces back into your supplies. You can never lose bullets.

You can look at the week's leaderboards and your standings using the red trophy and rank buttons. Game controls, help, and sound are all to the right of the trophy button.

Each week, the top players qualify for special bonus prizes. Play well and play often to be one of the lucky few to win more.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra does have a fun play mode. We recommend playing for fun first. Get used to the controls before you wager real cash. It doesn't take long to learn, but once you've started, you may find yourself hooked. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind casino game.