Pixiu Slots

Don't let the name throw you off – Pixiu comes from the Chinese, and describes a mythological beast that is strikingly similar to the Chimera from Greek and Roman legend. Pixiu Slots celebrates this flying lion creature, which is purported to have arcane powers that bestows tremendous riches on a lucky few. Arrows Edge online casino software maker brings you this three reel classic slot that has a range of 1 to 5 active pay lines.

The mythos around this strange beast includes some rather on the propensities; for example, it is said that Pixiu only devours precious metals and encrusted gem stones. Let us hope it doesn't eat away at your riches – but actually helps you acquire them if you play for real money. One of our favorites aspects of the slot is how the action ratchets up as gameplay continues. Ostensibly, this leads to greater and greater payouts as well as an eventual progressive Jackpot that promises to knock your socks off.

As is the case with nearly any slot, your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to benefit from the matching icons that show up on the reels. In the standard game, getting three symbols in a row of the same kind delivers a win. It is also possible to get an adequate monetary award with just two symbols – but they have to be the right ones. The pay table will help you learn the ins and outs of icon values.

Speaking of icons, the symbols on the reels include a red Dragon, a blue Dragon, a resurrected Phoenix bird, a hawk, a green ring of power and several others. For an idea of just how much you can win, there is a 2000 X payout with one particular symbol; this means that whatever you bet on the line, you win that multiplied by a factor of 2000.

The triple coin icon is the status symbol and it cannot be replaced by the wild substitute. It has the ability to boost you up a level in Pixiu Slots after about 25 spins. There are a maximum of four tiered levels, and these provide greater wins as you fall to each one. Rounding out all the special attributes of Pixiu Slots, you should know that there are free games as well. It's a lot of fun whether you choose the instant play or the real money version. Try it today.