Back in Time Slots

Head back in time to the time of prehistoric dinosaurs in this fun themed slot game online. The slot has just three reels of three symbols, and keeps things as simple as possible. It has upbeat drum-filled music, some palm trees and a collection of symbol, but colorful symbols that make the game appealing. Back in Time the slot game has some very unique features, but it doesn’t offer massive payouts or anything crazy in terms of functions. It’s just a simple and fun slot game and that’s the appeal.

Hold Feature

We love the hold feature that this slot game comes with. Every single spin that you go through you have the option of holding any symbols that you want for the next spin. Simply select the symbols that you want to keep around and spin the remaining spots. The chosen symbols will keep locked into position and the new symbols will come in and fill up the remaining spaces. We use this feature heavily to give us another chance to make use of those wilds and bonus symbols for bigger wins with each spin. After holding symbols it’s important to note that you won’t be able to hold any symbols on the following spin, so even if you get some very nice symbols on the reels you won’t be able to re-use any of them. The hold feature comes back the following turn after though. You also can’t hold any symbols after getting a win on the reels and will need to wait for the following round even if you didn’t hold any symbols to get your win.

Wagering Options

There are a total of eight paylines, and you can wager between one and five coins on each of those lines. All the lines must remain active at the same time, but you can achieve a decent range of wagering options by adjusting your coin value and the total number of coins that you wager on each of the different lines. You can wager between one and five coins on each of the different paylines. You can also set coin values at between $0.01 and $1.00. This gives you an effective wager range of $0.08 per spin to $40.00 per spin depending on the settings that you have enabled. With that sort of range you probably won’t satisfy most high-rollers, but the low stakes gamblers should be able to find a level that they are comfortable wagering at while still keeping things exciting.

Small Payouts

Back in Time is all about small stakes and simple wins. The biggest payout that you can get from this game in a single prize is 250 coins and that comes from the brownish egg. Next is the purple egg with a 100 coin prize and the green egg offers a 50 coin payout. Even the maximum win isn’t going to make a huge difference on your balance, which is why you’ll want to win many different times. It’s common to get many wins in a row with this slot game, but you’ll need to get lucky regularly to raise your bankroll enough for big wins.

Wilds and Bonuses

There are only two special symbols that you can rely on while playing this slot game. There’s a wild symbol and a bonus symbol. The wilds will help you win more frequently and get bigger and better wins. The bonus symbol will give you a chance to unlock the special bonus round for some better wins.

Back in Time is a simple slot game, but it offers enough features to be appealing to most gamblers that test it out. If you’re searching for a slot game that’s going to keep things easy, this is the game for you. If you want huge payouts or lots of different features, you’re going to be disappointed with this slot experience.