Hidden Loot Slots

Go along for the ride with a crazy pirate captain that’s searching for buried treasure in this unique online slot game. Hidden Loot is a fun pirate themed slot with some decent special features and a lot of surprises that will keep you on your toes as you play.

Small Wagering Options

Hidden Loot isn’t the type of slot game that you’ll want to play if you have a huge balance to wager with because even at the highest levels you really can’t wager all that much with this slot game. It’s best to play the slot if you have a lower balance and want to have fun while preserving your bankroll. There are just three paylines, and you can wager between one and five coins on each of those lines. That means you can risk between 3 and 15 coins with each spin of the reels. Each of those coins can be valued at a low of $0.01 and a high of $0.50. That means that you can effectively wager a low of $0.03 and a high of $7.50. Either way you aren’t risking too much money to play this slot game and you aren’t going to get massive payouts either.

Smaller Payouts

Hidden Loot feels very much like a standard classic slot game when you look at the different payouts that are possible. Even the best symbols will only give you a couple hundred coins as your reward. The skull and swords is worth just 250, the ship is worth 200 and the treasure chest is worth 50 coins. Most of the other symbols are worth much less and you won’t win massive payouts from any one round of this slot game. Instead, you will need to rely on getting many different wins in a row in order to walk away with a stack of cash from this slot.

The Wild Replaces Everything

In many slot games there are symbols that the wild can’t take the place of. In Hidden Loot this special symbol can swap in for any other symbol out on the reels. The wilds appear regularly and give you a better chance of unlocking some decent payouts. You’ll win more regularly with help from the wilds and you’ll come to rely on these helpful symbols to help you win more regularly and to win bigger combinations of prize payouts as you play.

Collect Gems in the Bonus Round

If you get three of the bonus symbols as you play Hidden Loot you’ll trigger the special bonus round. In this round you will dig down underground with the captain and start searching for gems. It’s up to you to move around using your arrow keys and locate the different gem spots. Get enough gems in time to advance to the next level and unlock more prize money from the slot. There are several different levels to this bonus round and you can go through them all with enough luck and speed. We were impressed with this special bonus round and the payouts from it aren’t too bad either if you get past one or more of the levels.

Hidden Loot is a fun themed slot game that’s great for fans of pirates and those types of games, but it doesn’t pack too many features in and can be dull for serious gamblers that want a bunch of different bonuses as they play. If you don’t mind simple classic slot mechanics, you might just get drawn in by the look, feel and gameplay of this slot game. Give it a try for yourself and see if you enjoy it.