Ghouls Gold Slots

Ghosts can also be fun and they definitely are in this three reel three payline slots game that has them covering the screen and flying in all directions. Players can try out the game in fun mode before placing real money best. Players can place up to three coins in bets per spin with varying coin sizes. This game also includes a progressive jackpot that increases with every real money bet that is placed. The progressive jackpot is won when the player is lucky enough to land three of the jackpot symbols on the third payline.

Wilds, Bonus Games and a Progressive Jackpot

There is also a wild symbol in this slots game that can substitute for other symbols and in this way help to complete winning payouts. Players can also hold different reels between spins just like in a real slots machine. And there is a bonus game that is triggered with three of the bonus symbols on screen. In the bonus game players will see ghouls flying across the screen and the player needs to catch them in order to win his bonus payouts. The player can win up to 10x the coin bet placed in the bonus game. This ghoulish slots game may be spooky but its worth the fright to enjoy the winning benefits offered.