The Angler Slots

Enjoy the thrill of fishing with The Angler, a popular online slot game that comes jam-packed with different features. This slot shows off a series of 3D symbols that look really nice and help bring everything to life. We were impressed with the look and feel of this slot game, and decided to dig into its features in an in-depth review of the game. We’re happy to say that we weren’t disappointed with that either!


We were impressed with the wagering options offered by the Angler, though some players will find them more confusing than the options offered by other slot games. That’s because there are 20 adjustable lines, one to five coins per line, and a good range of coin values that you can choose from. With three different adjustments for you to make to get your wager just right there is a lot for you to do to make the most of this slot game. Once you have all the adjustments in place you can wager a low of $0.01 per spin and a high of $100.00 per spin. The amount that you risk is entirely up to you, but we suggest playing with an amount that you can wager comfortably, but that still offers a compelling prize payout from the Angler slot.

Modest Prize Payouts

It took us some time to get used to the relatively modest prize payouts that come from the different symbols in the Angler. You aren’t going to get rich off a single symbol in this slot game, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, just different than many other slots. The biggest win that you can get is worth 1,750 coins, and that’s with five of the angler symbols. Next is 1,000 for a fish symbol and 750 for a turtle symbol or a blowfish symbol. Even though this slot pays out smaller prizes, it still works well because you can get many different smaller prizes frequently. Many of the prizes are around the same value, so getting different symbols on the reels isn’t a big deal. You can come away with some exceptional payouts no matter what sort of symbols you manage to get to show up.

The Time to Fish Bonus

Get three or more bonus symbols on the reels while you are playing the Angler and you’ll trigger the Time to Fish bonus round. In this round you get a series of decisions to make. You must choose to either reel or pull each of the fish that are biting on your line. You will either catch or lose each fish that you have to deal with. For each fish that you catch you get a special bonus prize. Once you are through three fish the round is over. This is a fun and interactive game, and can result in some really nice prize payouts, though it’s tough to land all three fish.

Gamble for Bigger Wins

Any win that you get during the base game in the Angler can be doubled in size if you choose the Gamble feature. Just press the Double Up button and you’ll be taken to the feature. Once you do that you choose between heads and tails to determine whether you double your money or not. If you choose right, you double your money. If you choose wrong, you lose it all.

Free Spins Bonus

Getting three or more of the pearl symbols will let you trigger the special free spin bonus round. Do that and you can go through a series of free spins where the octopus wild freezes on any reels that he lands. After several spins you could have many wilds on the reels and a chance to win some substantial prize payouts from this bonus, even if there isn’t a multiplier present. This bonus works by making it possible to get many winning combinations.

The Angler is a slot with real character. It’s a lot of fun to play and has a distinct look to it that makes it stand out. If you want a slot game that you can be proud of and that’s a lot of fun to play, you’ll enjoy what this one has to offer. Sure, the payouts are smaller in size, but you’ll unlock them frequently and you could end up with some substantial wins over time. It helps that the slot game offers many different bonus rounds that will always keep you doing something special as you play.