Fire & Steel Slots

Fire & Steel plunges you into a fantasy world of warriors and dragons. But this isn't just some cheesy Dungeons & Dragons knockoff because it has rich graphics and a great atmosphere. Let's discuss Fire & Steel's aesthetics along with everything else you can expect from this game.

Atmosphere & Symbols

The background of Fire & Steel is definitely interesting. You'll see a male and female warrior standing on each side of the reels, which are the Swordsman and Shieldmaiden. Behind them is a dark fantasy world full of dragons, fire, and caves. The background does a great job of creating an ominous world without taking away from the on-reel action.

You'll also hear a serious tune that reminds us of a sword-and-sandal movie. The sound effects offer nice variety because there's everything from little jingles to primal war screams.

Symbols include the Swordsman (wild), Shieldmaiden (wild), wild icon, purple shield, crown, yellow shield, magic book, helmet, dagger, goblet, and different-colored gems.

The Swordsman shoots a vertical beam above or below him to turn everything symbol in its path wild (a.k.a. expanding wild). The Shieldmaiden fires a horizontal beam right or left to turn everything wild. Both fire beams create an entertaining display where the warrior lets out a scream while symbols are incinerated.

Perhaps the best thing about these symbols isn't the animations or actions, but rather how much detail Betsoft put into them. Every icon features rich 3D graphics that truly make these symbols pop of the reels.

Fire & Steel Features

The first thing that should be mentioned here is Fire & Steel's unique 3-4-5-4-3 diamond format. This interesting setup lets you form wins from both left to right and right to left. Most online slots only allow you to get wins from left to right.

If the Swordsman and Shieldwoman's beams intersect, you receive 10 free spins. The space where they intersect will be a wild symbol for the remainder of your spins. Also note that you can re-trigger free games at any time.

One more feature includes a double-up option that's available following any win. All you need to do is choose the Double Up button in the lower right-hand corner whenever you net a payout. This brings up a large gold coin, and you pick whether it'll land on heads or tails. You can also decide whether to gamble all or just 50% of your winnings.

Betting Options

This game lets you change your coin size from $0.02 to $1.00, and bet (coins) per line from 1-5. You can also turn various options on and off, including background music, sound effects, turbo play, and sound.

Fire & Steel RTP

Return to player for Fire & Steel is 95.21%, which is average for an online slot. The volatility is fairly low, and you'll find yourself forming lots of prizes with the expanding wild symbols.

Final Thoughts on Fire & Steel Slots

Fire & Steel impresses immediately thanks to its visuals, which includes a well-designed background and symbols. The background is especially good because the dragons, warriors, and fire combine to create an unforgettable high fantasy theme.

This slot isn't bursting with features, but it has enough to support the top-notch theme. You can earn free spins, get expanding wilds, and play a double-up game. Fire & Steel also includes a 3-4-5-4-3 format that lets you form wins both ways. Taking everything into account, we highly recommend Fire & Steel to anybody who likes fantasy-themed slots.