Panda Planet Slots

Panda Planet Slots
There are a lot of animals out there. However, few are as beloved as the panda. Pandas are loveable white and black furred bears. They exclusively eat bamboo. The largest pandas can grow up to 250 pounds. People in China consider the panda bear a symbol of peace. Pandas have played an important role in geopolitics. President Nixon and the leader of China engaged in panda diplomacy. China gifted America two pandas in 1972. President Nixon sent China two musk oxen in return. Some argue that the pandas played a small role in opening up China to the world. They have been depicted in cinema. One would be the popular Kung Fu Panda series put out by DreamWorks Animation. It follows a clumsy panda voiced by Jack Black as he stands up for his friends. Some pandas are kept in zoos. Others are in the wilds of China.

There is a slot machine about pandas. It is entitled Panda Planet slots. There are five reels. This slot has a whopping one thousand and twenty four pay lines. The background of the game features stalks of bamboo. Animals wearing Asian garb are incorporated into the game as slot machine reel symbols. The Chinese in particular attach a lot of cultural weight to animals. The Chinese Zodiac assigns an animal to a year. Each one has distinct traits.

Wonderful Wagering Flexibility

A really innovative feature in this game is that it has a progressive jackpot. This is a player friendly feature. The jackpot of Planet Panda will keep growing just like a panda does after it eats a lot of bamboo. Winning it does not require you to enter in a code or wager a certain amount. It is totally random. This game will appeal to gamblers of every budget not just high rollers in Macau. You can wager from a modest amount all the way up to three hundred dollars a spin.

This game features cutting edge graphics and animations. This is one of the more visually appealing games out there and deserves a shot based on that factor. The free spins and different ways to potentially win make this an outstanding game when viewed through the prism of player friendly features.

Crawl like a panda over to your favorite online casino. Play the game Planet Panda. You'll be in the kind of bliss a panda feels when he is chomping on a big stalk of bamboo.