Arcade Fortunes Slots

Head back in time to a retro arcade and live in nostalgia with Arcade Fortunes the online slot game. This game feels like a serious throwback to the past. The characters are dressed like it’s the 80’s and the music has the feel of an arcade. Whether you were in love with Pac Man or one of the other popular arcade games of the time, you’ll find something pleasing about this slot game from the very beginning. The look and feel of this game drew us in, but the features had us wanting to keep playing it over and over again.

Strange Betting Values

We were impressed with the range of wagering options that Arcade Fortunes makes available, but that didn’t stop the values from being strange. There is a line count and a line bet that make up your total wager amount. The line count goes from 1 to 18 and determines just how many of the paylines you are wagering on. The line value determines what each of those different paylines are worth to you. Together you get the total wager which can go as low as $0.02 and as high as $252.00 thanks to a top line bet of $14.00 and a top payline count of 18 lines.

A Decent Pay Table

When playing any slot game it’s really all about the pay table. In Arcade Fortune the pay table is decent, though nothing to get overly excited about. All the card symbols are low paying, and they will make up a large portion of prizes that you unlock. The boy character is worth 2,000 coins while the girl character is worth 1,000 coins. The skateboard is worth just 200 and so is the Walkman. Overall, you are going to be looking for combination wins or frequent wins while playing this slot game to get ahead.

Bubble Gum Wilds

The special bubble gum symbol is a tool to help you win more frequently. Whenever bubble gum shows up on the reels it will pop and create sticky wilds that land in three different positions. These wilds will hold their position for 3 re-spins that give you a good chance to win some solid prizes. These wilds will show up quite often and were one of our favorite features of this slot game overall.

Unlocking the Bonus Round

Players need to get three or more of the scatter symbols to trigger the special bonus round. Do that and you’ll be asked to choose between the Skee Ball and the Galaxy bonus. If you choose Skee Ball you will be rewarded with 3 random prize payouts. If you choose Galaxe you will be rewarded with a single random prize payout. Either of the options is a good one and both can be very rewarding if you are lucky.

Two Random Jackpots

This slot game has two random progressive jackpots that are at different levels. At the lower level is the Mystery Jackpot which is usually worth a few thousand. At the next level up is the Super Slots Jackpot. This massive payout is usually worth tens of thousands of dollars and is something to get seriously excited about winning. Each of these jackpots are given out randomly and being fortunate enough to win either of them should dramatically improve your slot session.

Quick and Easy Autoplay

Using autoplay doesn’t always have to be complicated or time consuming. In Arcade Fortunes you simply select the AUTOPLAY button and then choose how many turns that you want to go through. Once you do that the game will immediately start turning through one of your turns after another. You don’t have to press spin any longer and you will enjoy being able to play the slot game hands-free.

From the look and the feel of the game, Arcade Fortune is designed to bring you back in the past and it’s a whole lot of fun. The game offers fun features and uses a good mix of symbols that keep things lighthearted. Adding in the characters gives the game an element of customization and their animated reactions makes it feel like even more fun. Whether you just continue playing while trying for those random jackpots, or you are doing well with the features built into the game, there is a lot to like about this slot game.