More Gold Diggin Slots

Get down into that mine and start digging for gems in More Gold Diggin the online slot game. This game focuses on good features, exciting explosions and beautiful animations and sounds that keep you wanting to come back for more. There’s a lot to like about the game and you’ll find yourself playing through one round after the next as you try and continue triggering those impressive prize payouts and special features.

Choosing a Comfortable Wager Amount

One of the most important things that you can do when getting started with a slot game is hcoosing a wager amount that you’re comfortable with. This is simple to do in More Gold Diggin’ because you have lots of options to work with. There are a total of 25 lines to play off of, and you can wager between $0.01 and $1.00 on each of those lines. You can also place between 1 and 5 bets on each line, making it simple to pile on a lot of cash onto each of those lines. You can easily wager between $0.01 and $125 per spin while playing this slot game with some careful adjustments, and that means that you can win a whole lot of money from the game.

Fall Down Symbols

More Gold Diggin’ is a lot of fun in large part because of all the animations that go into making this slot game. Whether the little gopher is falling down from the top of the screen, one of the miners is making noises or moving around, or the symbols are tumbling down, there is a lot to see with this slot. Each time you spin the reels the symbols tumble down from the ceiling and it feels sort of like a rockslide. We love the way that this slot looks and feels, and it made us want to keep playing it for much longer than we needed to during our testing period.

Exploding Symbols

Finding winning symbols on the reels in this slot game isn’t just cause for celebration because you’ll come away with prize money, the symbols will literally explode, create an opening and fill in with new symbols as well. You can get chains of prize payouts because of this very nice feature, plus it looks very cool. It seems like every feature added to this slot is designed to improve the theme of the game and give it a mining feel, and this feature is no different. Apiece time the symbols explode and a new set falls down you get an increased multiplier as well. It goes from 1x to 2x to 3x to 5x depending on how many wins you can get during the same round. That means you can really maximize your wins if you are lucky enough. You’ll be surprised at how often you get chains of wins while playing this game though.

Good Solid Wins

The gem symbols are most valuable in this slot game and you’ll be looking for diamond symbols in particular as you play through rounds of this slot. Getting five of the diamonds will help you unlock a payout worth up to 2,500 coins, which is a very respectable amount of money. The next biggest payout comes from gold which is worth up to 1,000 coins and then the white metal is worth up to 500 coins. The dynamite symbol is also something to keep an eye on and that is the wild and will help you win more frequently as you play this game.

The Free Spin Bonus Round

Getting three or more of the large barrels of explosives is all you need to do to unlock the free spin bonus round. You’ll enjoy a total of 10 free spins if you can do that, and during that time the exploding symbols multiplier gets doubled in size. That means your winning combinations are going to be much more valuable than they once were and you’re likely to enjoy your time playing the slot game much more than you already were.

Double Up Your Wins

You can multiply any win that you get with the special Double Up feature of this slot game. To do so get a win and press the Double Up button down at the bottom of the reel. You’ll come face-to-face with the beautiful card dealer who lays out a single card and gives you four to pick from. It’s your job to pick a card that’s higher than hers. If you do you double your win. You can continue playing this game and trying to double up your win again and again to turn a small win into a substantial one with enough luck, but you will lose it all if you lose a single hand so be careful.

Simple Autplay

If you’re sick and tired of turning the reels yourself, you can stop doing that with the Autoplay feature. Choose your wager amount and set the feature to go from 5 spins to 100 spins all on its own. From there you just have to sit back and watch the game as it does its thing. You can cancel this feature at any time as well, just by tapping the button again. It’s as simple as that and you’ll find the game even more relaxing if you use Autoplay once and awhile.

There are lots of different features that will make you want to keep playing this slot, and that’s why we think it’s a high quality offering. Th game looks very nice, it plays smoothly, it packs in nice animations and music and it gives you some decent wins as well. The prizes don’t start off too massive, but it’s very easy to get combinations of wins while you play, making this one of our favorite slot games.