A Night in Paris Slots

Most people would say yes to this plan, but here you get a chance to play a slots game that takes place in the big city in France. Will you manage to win a prize or two when playing this great 3D game? Let’s check out some details to see what it has in store for you.

How many reels and paylines will you see?

This game is pretty standard in that you have five reels spread across the screen and a good selection of paylines as well – 30 in all.

How much can you bet as a minimum and maximum?

The lowest bet amount per coin here is two cents, but you can go all the way up to a dollar per coin if you wish. You might also want to choose to play more than one coin per line – you can go up to five each time.

Does A Night in Paris have any special symbols?

Watch out for the police shield because three of these will unlock some free spins to enjoy. There is no wild symbol here or a scatter symbol, but there are two combinations of symbols that can provide you with an instant win on the reels. You need either the thief, shield and policeman or the policeman, shield and thief to trigger this win.

Is there a bonus game here too?

Yes, this is known as the Caught in the Museum bonus round. You will find the thief is in the museum and the policeman has to try and find him. Do well in this round and you could end up with a nice prize as a result.

Download and play A Night in Paris today!

This game might bring to mind some romance at the beginning, especially when you see the couple enjoying a night out at the start of the cut scene. However then you reach the museum and you realize you’re playing a very different game instead!

We love A Night in Paris and we’re pretty sure lots of 3D lovers will enjoy it too. This is a superb game and one that is easy to enjoy whenever you have a chance to play it. If you end up trying this game today you may come back to it time and time again. We have, and we still enjoy the gameplay it provides.